Adam Waxman’s Evergreen Thoughts

An inside look into what I'm reading and thinking about. Expect:

  • ⚪️ Brevity: It will be skimmable in seconds, and readable in minutes

  • 🧠 Variety: My mind is messy and my interests are diverse

  • 📬 Regularity: Rain or shine, I will send it the first week of every month

About Me

I work at the intersection of design, product, and strategy at SeatGeek. Outside of work my happy place is a quiet coffee shop with a good book. Check out my personal website for more details.

What’s up with the name?

Evergreen Thoughts is an homage to evergreen notes, a term coined by Andy Matuschak referring to notes that are atomic, concept oriented, densely linked, and organized bottoms up. They succinctly express the gist of important ideas we're interested in. They are sometimes referred to as permanent notes, structured notes, or near thoughts. If you’re interested in learning more:


Adam Waxman
Product Design at SeatGeek